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We strive to create high-quality, technically excellent cycling apparel for women, combined with visionary aesthetics. At Yellow Geart we're passionate about every detail that helps you get the most out of your sport. Each piece is designed thoughtfully and is committed to the patterns and colours that define state of the art fashion today. Our cycling wear unites function, performance and style.

Cycling essentials

Everyday riding garments that make up your essential armour

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Unrivalled fit

Our jerseys have been designed and created with an ergonomics concept to follow the anatomical shape of your body, without being excessively tight. A careful design allows the products to eliminate the abundance of fabrics and ergonomically follow the appearance of the body providing maximum fit, high comfort and allowing dynamic movement.


Five of the best offbeat cycling training camp destinations

The calender has ticked over to the New Year and it’s time to start thinking about the year of riding that lies ahead. Have you planned your training and race program yet? Booking an early season winter training camp could help kick start your season. But where to go? Of course, you can pick a popular destination for your training camp. But if you are looking for unusual or off the beaten track, there are some pretty incredible options just waiting to be explored. Ad a few of these to your bucket list!
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Review: Yellow Gear's Bibi Jersey

'I highly recommend this jersey to any woman that seeks a comfortable, soft, beautiful jersey that compliments every body type. It quickly became a favorite jersey that I enjoy showing off because it made me look and feel so good.'

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