Fabrics & Functions

We truly believe that the key to creating a great garment lies with using the finest fabrics. We select our fabrics and qualities which both look sensational and perform even better.  Your cycling wear is made using only the best European materials to ensure comfort and sustainability.

Every Yellow Gear garment is made for a specific function. A combination of fabrics and their properties to achieve performance for certain conditions on the bike.

All our gear is fitted using YKK-zippers with “lock functionality”, just one example of our devotion to deliver quality to you.

Get to know our Fabrics


Designed for the hottest riding and racing conditions, this fabric has an open mesh construction that wicks the moisture away from the body, and divides it over a larger surface for an extra cooling effect. The open construction also makes it very supple and form fitting. This improves rider aerodynamics.


An elastic fabric made from polyester filament microfibre threads. Windproof, water repellent, very breathable, light and supple, stretch fabric and easy maintenance.  


Windblock is a light elastic fabric which maintains the body temperature and protects against wind and rain.


A high quality, elastic variety of textile for cycling shorts, which guarantees an optimal wearing comfort. Carefully following the instructions guarantees far more riding pleasure.


Matrix is the fabric we use for the jerseys in our Horizon Collection and for our summer jerseys. This fabric is designed with an industry leading body elastic stretch construction. Matrix is designed to fit every contour of your body increasing aerodynamics while still increasing comfort. Its breathability and its fast drying characteristics make it an ideal fabric for summer jerseys.